Sometimes things are easy, sometimes they aren’t…

We know you’re thirsty, we want to serve you, but we’ve had some challenges.

The good news though…. it’s starting to look like BEER30 is getting closer.

Walls, plumbing, AC, tile, insulation are going in as I type. Some equipment has arrived and the AC platform is being built.

Our coolers have arrived, the steam plant is on the dock somewhere in Orlando…..more stainless is on the way.

And we’ve been busy firming up the menu, and planning out our initial beer offerings.

We were really hoping for a June opening, but let’s be real, it will probably be July. Groan.

Here’s a few photos on the progress.

Thanks for keeping up with us, share us, follow us, spread the word, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that we’re coming soon. We know you’ve been peeking in the door, so take a selfie of you in front of our doors, or sign….we’d love to see you! Tweet us your pictures @sanfordbrewing

Keep an eye out for our open call for positions on Facebook, the SBC site, Twitter, and Instagram, happening toward the end of June.

Until next time DBAD and hug somebody!