The SANFORD BREWING COMPANY brand includes, but are not limited to, the Sanford Brewing name, logos, hop, the term “SBC” and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies as the source or origin of any of Sanford Brewing’s products. Do not modify or alter the marks or use them in a confusing, misleading or obscene way including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Sanford Brewing, or in a way that confuses Sanford Brewing Company with another brand. Use our official and unmodified SANFORD BREWING COMPANY LOGO or SBC HOP LOGO to represent Sanford Brewing Company.*

PANTONE 462C RGB – 92 70 43
HEX/HTML – 5C462B CMYK-  28487173
PANTONE 367C RGB – 164 214 94
HEX/HTML – A4D65E CMYK-  28487173
PANTONE 4655C RGB – 191 148 116
HEX/HTML – BF9474 CMYK –  8415120

*You must obtain written permission from Sanford Brewing Company to utilize these or any other SBC marks or logos.