Building History

400 South Sanford Avenue is located in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of Sanford, Florida

The earliest known residents of Suite 400 includes: J. I. Anderson, Harry Wray, and S. Comick. Anderson was an Inspector of Marks and Brands for districts 2 and 3 in Sanford (1917 - 1920). At the time, J. M. Stumon was listed at 400 1/2 S. Sanford Ave.


J. M Stumon becomes the sole resident of this lot.

Stumon manages a grocery store from this location: J. H. Tillis Meats and G. E. DeHeredia Dry Goods.


C.J Coleman, another grocer, replaces Stumon.

Forrest Gatchel, opens Gatchel's Cash Grocery, at 400 Sanford Avenue.


GATCHEL'S STORE HAS ELEVENTH ANNIVERSARY, Forrest Gatchel, owner of Gatchel's Cash Grocery, at 400 Sanford Avenue, observed the eleventh anniversary of his store with an open house. The open house was held at 8:00 o'clock in the store, and Mr. Gatchel invited his friends to call, saying "there will be plenty to eat and entertainment as well". Souvenirs will also be given".

Table Supply Stores Grocery takes residence.


County Veterans Institute occupies suites 400 and 402.

Jenkins Furniture Company New & Used is listed at this address.


Ansley TV Service moves here from 416 South Sanford Avenue.

Exact Plumbing Inc occupied this location. photo


Sanford Brewing Company purchase 400 S. Sanford Avenue.

Sanford Brewing Company Opens, in Sanford, Florida

October 2016
August 2018

Sanford Brewing announces preparations to open a 2nd LOCATION in Maitland, Florida at Maitland City Centre