All brewing uses grain, and every brewer has a pile left over after brewday. When you are a brewery, you have a much bigger pile of spent grain to deal with. So what does SBC do with our grain?

Well, we met a nice farmer named “Wyatt“, who raises cattle, pigs and chickens, and he comes by on brewday to pick up our leftover spent grains. We help him load ’em up in his trailer and he takes them to his farm…..

These cattle and other stock get to eat the spent grain to fatten up. In turn these animals end up on the table as grain & grass fed beef, chicken and pork. Delicious!

So now you know what we do with our spent grain, but do you know how energy efficient we are?

Our brewhouse is extremely efficient utilizing steam (rather than open flame), using all insulated vessels, and we’ve installed LED lighting everywhere possible. Even our rafters have high r-factor insulation. Our AC rarely is on, and our garage doors are (almost always) open. We know that the summer months are around the corner, so visit now to enjoy the beautiful weather…

Let’s all recycle, reclaim, reuse where possible. We have one planet, so do what you can to keep it clean, it all starts with you. Until next time: DBAD