Almost there... Honoring Our Building’s Historic Past and highlighting a Bright New Future

Sanford Brewing Company is located on the western boundary of the historic Georgetown community. Like the city of Sanford, the Georgetown community was established by Henry S. Sanford in the 1870s. It became home for the many African-Americans seeking opportunities in the new city.While the 400-402 Sanford Avenue property has a recorded past dating back to 1911, we are unclear as to exactly when our building was constructed.

400 S. Sanford Avenue, Sanford Florida as it was in 1930 as Gatchel's Cash Grocer

The building when we purchased it in 2015.

However, a 1941 newspaper clipping reporting the 11th anniversary celebration of Gatchel’s Cash Grocery includes a photo of our familiar stucco and brick building. So we have every reason to believe that our building was here in 1930.

And now,undergoing renovations.

American Craftsman Design Elements

In recognition of the era in which our building was constructed, we have introduced design elements of the American Craftsman, or Mission, style in the Sanford Brewing Company taproom. In contrast to the formal and highly ornamental designs of the Victorian era that preceded it, the American Craftsman style showcased the beauty of natural materials, the tasteful simplicity of clean lines, and the skills of the woodworker.

Our bar, in particular, is a celebration of the American Craftsman style. Designed and built over a three-week period by local woodworker Michael Nall of Park and Seventh, the bar top is made of red oak reclaimed from a circa 1800 Virginia barn.

Inlaid antique black walnut butterfly joints—found in the rafters of a barn where they had been resting for more than 75 years—provide subtle accents.

Period Structural Tiles

The unusual, rustic terra cotta tiles on our walls expose the building techniques of the day. Known as hollow structural tiles, or hollow tile blocks, these hard, kiln-fired building blocks were introduced in North America in 1875 and were used into the early 20th century.

They provided the foundation for a plaster or stucco covering—and served as an excellent fire retardant. Look for the manufacturer’s name, Merry Brothers, on the tiles. Merry Brothers was established by Ernest, Walter, and Arthur Merry in Augusta, Georgia, in 1899. The company was bought by Boral in 1980.

Opening countdown has begun.....2 weeks and counting....

Until next time DBAD!

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