Klugscheißer Wheat Beer - HefeweizenPint: $6.00
20oz: $7.50

"A pale, refreshing German wheat beer with a dry finish, a fluffy mouthfeel, and a distinctive banana-and-clove yeast character."
5.6% ABV 15 IBU

Boggy Creek Stout Stout - Irish DryPint: $6.00
20oz: $7.50

A dry Irish stout should be named after a bog, but we only have Boggy Creek down the road here in central Florida. We chose a catfish, the ubiquitous native fish, that swims the lakes, rivers & creeks here, year round as our featured logo. We added the shamrocks as a nod to the heritage of this NITRO beer. ☘️ Sláinte.

Going Bananas Wit Wheat Beer - Witbier / BlanchePint: $6.00
20oz: $7.50

This one-off treated beer is a Banana's Foster, we call it "Going Bananas" WIT.

Red Otter Red Ale - Imperial / DoublePint: $6.00
20oz: $7.50

His name is "Maris". In honor of the mischievous River Otter, and paying homage to a grain favorite, "Maris Otter". This beer features a delightful balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness, celebrating an American favorite. We are pleased to present our Imperial Red Ale featuring a winning combo of higher ABU and IBU to celebrate Otter Fest.