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Circle of Life - Farm to Table

All brewing uses grain, and every brewer has a pile left over after brewday. When you are a brewery, you have a much bigger pile of spent grain to deal with. So what does SBC do with our grain? Well, we met a nice farmer named "Wyatt", who raises cattle, pigs and chickens, and he comes by on brewday to pick up our leftover spent grains. We help him load 'em up in his trailer and he takes them to his farm..... These cattle and other stock get to eat the spent grain to fatten up. In turn these animals end up on the table as grain & grass fed beef, chicken and pork. Delicious! So now you know what we do with our spent grain, but do you know how energy efficient we are? Our brewhouse is extreme

Why's it called a "Growler"?

So, sitting in the taproom visiting with a guest the other day, when I was asked, why's it called a growler. Hmm, I say, as I had never given it much thought. Of course, GOOGLE is your friend, so I "googled" it. Realizing as I did, that the word "google" much less the technology to "google" didn't exist when the word "growler" made it into beer lexicon history. Probable origin: In the late 19th and early 20th century fresh beer was carried from the local public house to your home by bucket. When the beer sloshed around the bucket , it created a rumbling sound as the CO2 escaped through the lid. The term "growler" was coined, so the story goes. Of course our technology is progressing f